AlbertCRM is the web's
simplest and most intuitive CRM,
you'd think Einstein himself designed it!

Well, it's actually designed & maintained by successful sales people
and small business owners, which means it's only got the essential
features you need to get more customers and more sales,
and none of the confusing bells and whistles you don't need.

You'll make more sales,
you'll get more customers

It's a proven fact that people buy from you when they like you and trust you.

You'll come across as more genuine and more caring towards your prospects and customers as AlbertCRM will help you to remember everything important about them.

Happy Selling!

You'll save a lot of
time and frustration

The great "Pareto principle" states that 80% of your results comes from 20% of your efforts.

AlbertCRM will keep you focused in that all important 20% zone, thus over time you will get far more results, and you’ll save quite a lot of time as well.

Happy Working!

You'll probably sleep better too

You’ll sleep like a baby at night knowing that you’ll be automatically reminded of anything important about your prospects and customers in the morning. i.e. who/when/how to contact people, what was said last, etc..
Another reason to sleep well is knowing that your data is really safe: it's encrypted and backed up daily.

Happy Sleeping!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does CRM stand for? What does it do?

    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a piece of software that's designed to keep track of all the important details, conversations, follow-up dates, appointment, on each and every person you do business with. It's like a perfect memory so you always remember everything important about your leads and customers. You'll definitely be more successful by using one.

  • How is AlbertCRM different from others?

    AlbertCRM is designed by a few really successful small business owners, who understand what it takes to find new loyal customers regularly. What this means for you is AlbertCRM has only got the essential features you need to get more customers and more sales regularly, and absolutely no confusing and complex features which can waste a lot of your time.

  • Should I use a CRM? Will it help me get more success?

    Well if you run a Small Business or Consultancy, or you Work From Home, and you'd like a simple method to get more sales, more sign-ups, more loyal customers/clients and more referrals, then YES you should absolutely use a CRM. In fact you're definitely loosing money if you are not using one. Read Why use a CRM for more info.

  • Is AlbertCRM difficult to learn and use?

    There's virtually no learning curve, you just open it up, import or create your contacts and start communicating and doing business—that's it. It has everything you need to start getting more loyal customers and more referrals. Oh did we mention it's cloud based so you can log onto any computer or tablet anywhere anytime and AlbertCRM will be there ready to serve.


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